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iLike 1.0.101 is a program that allows you to share your playlists with friends.
It installs itself as an add on (a sidebar) for Windows Media Player and iTunes.

You will then be able to know bands and themes that people with similar music tastes like, but you haven´t heard of.

You can discover new music that you will like, and learn about new artists and concerts.

There are two ways to begin using iLike: through a Facebook account or through a iLike account. If you don´t have one, you´ll need to create one in order to use iLike.

While obtaining your account, you will be asked to choose the artists you like. This would be used to offer you content according to your musical tastes.

Once installed, you will see the iLike sidebar each time you start Windows Media Player or iTunes.

The sidebar will then show you content that you may like, based in the artists you choose during the account setup (under the Artists tab), and the files you play in Windows Media Player (under the Related tab).

Under the Friends tab you will see the music recently played by your friends (that must have the program installed). The Account tab lets you perform changes in your account.

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